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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

is Wii fit really help to lose our weight?

I using some weight control game on my ipod touch it's really cool. i just realized that it's one of the wii fit game. so, i'm curious what is this
Wii actually ?

" ... Wii Fit takes the whole concept of games as exercise to a new level with the inclusion of a balance board peripheral that can tell you on the fly exactly how well--or how poorly--you're doing with its various activities. As such, Nintendo is heavily marketing this innovative title as a mixture of fitness and fun, and for the most part it works. It's a decent alternative for those bored with the repetitiveness of going to a gym or too self-conscious to join a yoga or aerobics class.." from they seems to enjoy it!

and is it work? has some body lose weight because of Wii Fit.
I'm googling and this is the result;

she's seems happy with the result, wow wow.

" ... Now that the first 14 days are behind me, I’m going to try my best to keep it up. If I falter, feel free to hold me to it! Who knows, at NECC maybe I won’t look quite so much like a Weeble Wobble! Regardless, I’m feeling pretty darn good. Even if I don’t lose another pound, I’m finally doing something to improve my overall health. Can’t go wrong with that! "

but it's only one web i've found on the first google page.
hmmm ...

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